Become a Member - updated fees 2014/15

The Stellenbosch Flying Club offers various types of membership; Full, Student, Social, Temporary, a...

Events for 2014

EVENTS FOR 2014   Wednesday 24 September - Fly & Braai for Heritage Sat 11 October - Breakfast Fl...

Our Aircraft Fleet

The Stellenbosch Flying Club fleet comprises of four Cessna 152's, three Cessna 172's, one Cessna 17...

Joining Procedures

The circuit must be joined at 1800ft to the eastern side of the airfield. All circuits must be flown...

Private Pilots Licence

A PPL allows you to do private flights, and to train further for a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) i...

Commercial Pilots Licence

A Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) is the qualification you will require in order to take up flying ...

Airline Transport Pilots Licence

If your dream is to fly for an airline, or to become a Captain of an aircraft weighing more than 570...

  • Become a Member - updated fees 2014/15

  • Events for 2014

  • Our Aircraft Fleet

  • Joining Procedures

  • Private Pilots Licence

  • Commercial Pilots Licence

  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence


Latest Metar/Taf

[source: ADDS]
FACT 302000Z 23007KT CAVOK 13/09 Q1025 NOSIG =
TAF FACT 301600Z 3018/3124 18008KT CAVOK BECMG 3022/3024 06005KT BECMG 3108/3110 18008KT BECMG 3122/3124 06005KT TX27/3112ZTN05/3105Z =
SR / SS: 05:05 / 16:25 UTC (FASH 2014-08-30)

FASH Weather



Humidity: 63%
Wind: S at 8.05 km/h
Sunday 13°C / 23°C Sunny
Monday 14°C / 27°C Sunny
Tuesday 14°C / 29°C Mostly sunny
Wednesday 12°C / 21°C Mostly sunny

FASH Webcams

North - Bottelary Hills

Helderberg Mountain


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Latest Club News

Written on 28 August 2014, 18.17
      Stellenbosch Airfield has been home to pilot training for over 40 years. It has gone through many transformations over time to become to what...
Written on 16 May 2014, 07.22
Veterans Day 29th March, 2014 The weather played the part in making this year’s annual Stellenbosch Club Veterans Day one of the best and most well...
Written on 10 February 2014, 18.03
Written on 30 November 2013, 15.51
Another successful Solo and Wings Party was held at the Stellenbosch Flying Club on 27 November. Congratulations to each and every one of the students!...
Written on 20 May 2013, 07.56
FASHKOSH 2013 by Heather Arnold   The sun makes its slow ascent from the east, casting a blue-ish yellow glow behind the Stellenbosch Mountains. The...

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